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New Class
(April, 2022)

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Class in Portugal 
Level 1: Fundamentals

Learn Ancient and Time Proven Techniques to Restore Health, Joy and Vitality.


Tap your hidden reserves of life energy to empower your happiness, health and wellbeing. Learn to heal, restore and revitalize yourself naturally, opening you to a more abundant, joyful and satisfying life.
For thousands of years, our ancestors recognized the healing value of energy.

From ancient Asia to the early Americas, traditional medicine focused on our energetic health as the most effective way to prevent disease and increase overall vitality.

Whether it was balancing qi along the body’s meridians, Ayurvedic practices that balance the doshas or hands-on shamanic healings, life energy was understood as the master key to wellness and optimizing our lives.
For millions, access to an abundant life force helped keep disease at bay.
Today, though, modern medicine almost entirely overlooks the healing power of our natural energy.
Eden Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill and joy when you are down. 
– Donna Eden
However, even science is coming around and even validating what our ancestors knew long ago: Life force energy is powerful. Very powerful!
Indeed, the exciting field of Energy Medicine is shining a bright light on what’s possible when you know how to harness the energy in your body, emotions and mind.
Energy Medicine puts your health and wellbeing into your own hands.
Daily practices can open and align different levels of your energy, giving you access to abundant health, profound joy and happiness, and crystal clear clarity and focus.
A source of deep satisfaction and wellbeing is literally a breath away.
Energy medicine is an integrated approach that builds upon insights from acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic tai chi, yoga and other alternative healing modalities to:
  • Lessen aches, pains, illness and disease.
  • Create deeper happiness, satisfaction and contentment.
  • Increase focus, clarity and productivity.
  • Renew balance, harmony and wellbeing.
  • Improve overall health and longevity.

Many people are discovering their physical and emotional states — from daily health to shifts in mood and personal and professional challenges — all stem from energy flow.
When there are blocks or imbalances in the flow, sickness becomes more likely. Life is difficult, uneven and a struggle.
When natural flows are realigned, reopened and renewed, your life becomes easier, more abundant and fulfilling.
The good news is that Energy Medicine and its benefits are not only reserved for medically trained doctors, alternative health experts and gifted healers.
According to Energy Medicine pioneer Donna Eden, we all have the ability to use our life force energy to create a fundamental mind-body shift that can transform our lives for the better.
Since childhood, Donna has been able to see the flow of the body’s energies, from chakras to auras. After curing herself from a serious disease, she began studying the ancient energy traditions and saw how they all came together into one, coherent whole.
It was during this critical time when Donna came to appreciate that at our core we are all instinctive healers because our bodies and minds naturally seek health and alignment.
With the right knowledge and tools, you can move from instinctual to intentional healing; gaining access to a powerful source of health, vitality and joy.
For the past 40 years, Donna has taught more than 100,000 people from all over the world, from ordinary people to health professionals, to work with their own energies to create a kind of “on-demand” abundance and vibrant health.


Donna Eden was born with the ability to see the energy of the human body as clearly as you are seeing the letters of this text. Over the past 40 years she has dedicated his life to teaching others that they too can learn to test and balance their own energy and the energy of family, friends and patients.
Eden Energy Medicine heals body and mind by activating the natural healing energies of the body, restoring those that have become weak, disturbed or unbalanced.
Eden Energy Medicine techniques awaken energies that bring resilience, joy and enthusiasm to our lives - and greater vitality to our body, mind and spirit.
Harmonizing our energy balances the body chemistry, regulates hormones, increases vitality and helps us to feel and think better, strengthening our physical and psychological health.
You can learn more about Donna Eden HERE


It is with great joy that we announce the first ever Eden Energy Medicine course in english, in Portugal. The teacher for this Eden Energy Medicine class will be Dr. João Paulo Pestana, a clinical psychologist, and the first Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and Eden Energy Medicine Teacher, in Portugal. 
Would you like to learn the basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a fun, supportive environment?
If so, this class is for you! Is straight forward, easy, and full of information to help you take better care of yourself and help others do the same.
This class is designed so everyone who wants to learn the fundamental principles and practices of Eden Energy Medicine can join, from holistic therapists and health professionals, to the general public.
Come and join us on the 24th of September for a day of exploration and practical application of Eden Energy Medicine principles, in the wonderful Quinta da Calma, an Oasis in the center of the Algarve.
In the end of this training you will have learned:
  • Simple techniques to balance and optimize the energies of your body that you can start using right away and for the rest of your life, as well as tools to help others.
  • Identify and remove energy blockages, increase your energy levels, strengthen your immune system, reduce pain and eliminate stress.
  • Improve your health and vitality, enhance joy and send healing energy to areas of your body that are in need of attention.
What to expect
You can expect a warm and informal atmosphere, where you will learn and experience that you can, in a simple and fun way, test and positively influence your own energy and the energy of others. You will learn specific protocols to identify and correct energy imbalances and meet people with the same interests in deepening knowledge of Energy Medicine, spirituality and personal development.
You can see a short video about the "spirit" of this training below.
You do not need any special sensitivity or previous knowledge in working with energy to get results with Eden Energy Medicine. The techniques that we use are simple to learn and can be applied by anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge in the field of Energy Medicine.
Although the class will be taught in a fun and relaxing environment, this training is designed to provide you with powerful tools for personal transformation and growth. To this end, participants will work individually and in pairs, depending on the protocol or exercise. Everyone will have the opportunity to practice the roles of "therapist" and "patient", so that they can feel and personally experience the benefits of Eden Energy Medicine.
“Energy is the body’s best medicine! It’s practical, it’s safe, it’s affordable and it can help you stay healthy and thrive in our fast paced world. To tap its gifts, you need to learn the body’s language and how to keep its energy systems balanced. That’s what this class is all about.” 
– Donna Eden
At the end of the class, you have learned simple and effective techniques that you can start using immediately, for the rest of your life. The regular use of this techniques can foster feelings of joy, happiness and inner peace, promoting health and well-being. These techniques can also be used as support in the treatment of diseases, maintaining and improving the quality of life of the patient.
The teacher for this Eden Energy Medicine class will be Dr. João Paulo Pestana, a portuguese clinical and health psychologist with over 10 years of experience. He is the creator of The Pestana Method and a pioneer in the introduction of Energy Psychology in Portugal, having studied in the US with Fred Gallo and David Feinstein, the pioneers of this field, as well as with Gary Craig, the creator of E.F.T - Emotional Freedom Techniques.
Dr. Pestana is the first Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and Eden Energy Medicine Teacher, in Portugal. 
Over the years, Dr. Pestana has successfully integrated these innovative approaches  in different areas of intervention:​
  • in is private practice;
  • with cancer patients at the Associação Oncológica do Algarve;
  • in health and well-being at Longevity Wellness Worlwide;
  • in stress/emotional management in the business sector (he is the co-author of the book "SOS Negócios").
Since 2010, he has facilitated regular trainings in these different approaches. You can find out more about his career HERE (In Portuguese)
EEM 101 introduces Eden Energy Medicine basics plus many topics that are important for self-care and healing. A quick Daily Energy Routine (just over 5 minutes) is taught that will have your energies humming in no time, plus ways to feel more grounded and centered are explored.
EM101 also gives an introduction to meridians, one of the mainstays of EEM. Meridians are the rivers of energy that bathe and vitalize our body and its systems. Ways to work with and balance two key meridians, Triple Warmer and Spleen, are highlighted in this class, as well as additional techniques for managing stress.
Objectives: To teach the fundamentals and the basic techniques of Eden Energy Medicine, namely:
  • Introduction to Energy Medicine - basic principles;
  • Introduction to the 9 Energy Systems used in Eden Energy Medicine;
  • Introduction to the Meridians System;
  • Introduction to "Energy Testing";
  • Five-minute “Daily Energy Routine”;
  • Strengthen the Immune System;
  • Stress Management techniques - stress is a the root of most chronic health problems of today;
  • Tools for Releasing Negative Emotions;
  • How to stay Grounded and Centered;
  • How to Remove Toxins using Reflex Points;
  • Techniques to increase confidence, improve concentration and learning.
Registration includes:
  • All handouts in English with detailed description of the protocols and exercises, as well as the indications for each of them;
  • Two "Coffee Breaks" (morning and afternoon);
  • Lunch;
  • Certificate of Completion.
""We hope you will join us in helping to raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time"
- Donna Eden
Quinta da Calma
Apartado 3053 · 8135-901 Almancil · Algarve · Portugal
Tel: +351 289 393 741
or: +351 934 318 236
Reception Hours:
Monday to Friday : 1.30pm to 5.30pm
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